About us


example graphicChild Welfare Consultancy Services was establised in 2009 by David Foley. He has been working in child protection/social services for 14 years; and specialised in the assessment and treatment of individuals engaged in sexually harmful behaviour approximately nine years ago. Academically, David has a range of experience and holds multiple qualifications. These vary from psychology of criminal behaviour, child care and social work. He also has a MSc in the Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Offenders and is currently completing a PhD in Investigative Psychology. David has spoken at conferences and sat on review and discussion boards with statutory and non statutory agencies, advising on policy and procedures relating to sexual offenders.

example graphicWelfare Consultancy Services (CWCS) offers a number of independent services designed to assist individuals, their families, and community and statutory agencies in addressing child protection and child welfare concerns. Child Welfare Consultancy Services was founded in recognition of the challenges associated with child protection and welfare and the difficulties in ensuring child safety. Since its conception CWCS has developed positive working relationships with the Health Services Executive (HSE), An Garda Siochana, the Department of Justice and Law Reform (Family Courts), State and voluntary agencies and private practitioners such as Guardians ad Litem, therapists, and solicitors.

CWCS services primarily address the issues associated with sexually problematic behaviour and we apply internationally accepted assessment methods and interventions to the clinical work undertaken. While CWCS will strive to work in an interagency manner (where appropriate), Child Welfare Consultancy Services remains independent at all times. Child Welfare Consultancy Services also offers an independent forensic social work service that works with the individual and their family to address their concerns. Child protection and welfare interventions can be tailored to meet the needs of the child and their family. This can include transitional/separation intervention, bereavement work, parental capacity assessment and support, life story work and attachment issues, safety arrangements, and behavioural intervention.

Child Welfare Consultancy Services provides treatment and assessment to adults and young people, delivered by fully qualified professionals with substantial experience in addressing child protection and child welfare issues.