Child protection


Child Welfare Consultancy Services offers a range of independent social work services. These services adopt a systemic approach to working with individuals and their family and can assess attachment relationships, children's developmental progress and evaluate factors that might place children at risk of harm. In other jurisdictions it has been noted that the use of a social work intervention model can help to reduce the stigma associated with attending psychology and psychotherapy clinics, especially among adolescents.

Parenting Capacity Assessment We are able to undertake a comprehensive assessment of parenting skills using a variety of approaches. Following this assessment we can then identify the strengths and areas where skills can be developed. Parenting capacity assessments can be beneficial in situations where there are significant child protection concerns such as neglect or when there is a risk of sexual or physical abuse, parental violence, or substance abuse.

Community Based Assessment In our experience vulnerable parents, particularly those with learning disabilities, addiction problems, or cultural difficulties, require specialist assessments. We recognise that the best way to approach these assessments is to combine education with extended observations and comprehensive investigation regarding cognitive ability, physical capacity, and ability to apply knowledge to practical application in the best interest of the child. CWCS believes that the best way to do this is to carry out the assessment in the person’s home. This also allows us to situate the person’s difficulties within their environment and support structures. Following this assessment, Child Welfare Consultancy Services would be in a position to outline the environmental, physical and cognitive abilities of the individual to meet the needs of their child or whether these abilities are not adequate to ensure the safety and welfare of the child.

Comprehensive Second Opinion Child Welfare Consultancy Services can provide a second opinion on contentious child care issues, where appropriate. At all times this is an independent service. CWCS can assist in ensuring that child care decisions are independently accurate and fair. We can also help parents and individuals ensure that the decisions taken in relation to their child are procedurally correct. A second opinion can often help move a case forward and build trust between parents and the agency involved.

Advocacy Service CWCS recognises that there are times when parents, adults, or young people require someone to support them in dealing with professional agencies. CWCS can provide a support person to accompany the individual to Court, professional meetings, etc.