Family support


Child Welfare Consultancy Services (CWCS) offers a number of interventions to families to assist in the care and protection of their children. CWCS can provide an intensive programme that identifies parenting strengths and potential areas for development. Assessments can be conducted to identify behavioural and environmental stressors and determine their impact on parental capacity given these conditions. Interventions would then be devised to assist in the development of parental ability. This work is ideally conducted on a multiagency format.

Child Welfare Consultancy Services also offers support sessions to parents or carers of young people with behavioural difficulties. While our specialist area is working with individuals with sexualised behaviour and their families, CWCS can meet with parents and support them through difficult periods. Often parents and carers can feel ‘torn’ between what they feel is right for their child and right for their family. All too often professionals, out of necessity, can place obligations on to parents that conflict with their parenting instincts. During these times, Child Welfare Consultancy Services can be a support to the parent, and where appropriate advocate on their behalf.