Child Welfare Consultancy Services accepts referrals from a number of sources. Professionals, parents, and individuals can contact CWCS outlining the service they require, or to discuss their concerns and seek advice on the appropriateness of a referral. We are happy to discuss the referral process and how we can tailor a service to meet the individual's needs. In the unlikely event that CWCS cannot provide a service, we will endeavour to advise on an alternative source that may be able to assist.


Upon receiving a referral it is necessary to gather all reasonably available information relevant to the presenting problem. This can include contact with social services, and medical and legal services. Information helpful to assessments include historical reports on mental health, criminality (including Court records), and the person's contact with social services,

It should be noted that prior to undertaking an assessment, CWCS always and without exception, informs the Health Service Executive Social Work Department that an assessment will be conducted; when the HSE are not the referring agency. A complete unedited final report is also sent to the HSE for their consideration.

Referrals can be made by contacting CWCS through our contact page.