Professional supervision


Child Welfare Consultancy Services (CWCS) offers a professional supervision programme for those working with young people displaying sexually problematic behaviour. Working with young people displaying this type of behaviour can be challenging both professionally and personally.

David Foley has worked within the social services for 14 years; and is specialised in working with adolescents engaged in sexually problematic behaviour for almost nine years. He holds specific qualifications in the assessment and treatment of criminal behaviours. Supervision with David can focus on developing practical skills and tools for working with this client group. These skills can then be applied to engage the young person in activities and thought processes that help them better understand their behaviour and develop relapse prevention strategies.

Supervision can also focus on the professional’s experience of working with this client group. Through exploring the impact of this work on you and understanding the emotions attributed to working with young people that have sexually offended, you are better placed to respond appropriately to the challenges they present. This can also help in minimising the professional contamination that may seep into your personal life. However, supervision is different for everyone and if you would like to discuss what your needs may be, email David through the contact page or at