Following an assessment, where concerns are identified about an individual’s sexually problematic behaviour, the next step is often to source treatment and interventions that diminish those concerns. Unfortunately, appropriate services within Ireland are scarce and often agencies and individuals will only carry out assessments and not have the facilities to offer the follow - on treatment. However, Child Welfare Consultancy Services offers treatment and intervention to adults and young people based on internationally recognised and verified best practice procedures.

This method is based on cognitive behavioural therapies, reflective approaches, and effective relapse prevention programmes. Of courses these techniques are research based but are not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to working with offenders. Treatment is adapted to meet the offender’s needs and address concerns. Referrers should consider that where treatment is likely to be required, it is beneficial to have continuity of service, for example, the individual conducting the assessment will identify the needs and concerns of the offender and can build on that during their treatment. Treatment programmes utilised by CWCS is not a passive process for the offender. The individual is motivated to address their concerning behaviour and identify the conditions that lead to their sexually problematic behaviour.

Child Welfare Consultancy Services provides a treatment process that requires the offender to evaluate all aspects of their life, sexual and non sexual, and address the stressors that facilitates their concerning behaviour. There is also a focus on education which requires the individual to look at the impact of their behaviour on themselves, their families, and their victims. CWCS can also provide a forensic opinion of the offenders treatment gain if required.